February 1, 2013


So lately, I've been wanting to cut my hair short, because that's what you always want to do when your hair is long, right? If I were to cut it though, the shortest I'd go would be collarbone length. However, since I'm not sure how my hair would react, I'll probably take it one step at a time and not cut it so short, yet (see: photo 3). But then again, since my hair's already quite long at the moment, I'm thinking to keep growing it since I'm pretty much there (see: Zhang Xinyuan and Denni Elias).

Anyways, I'll think about it more.

January 5, 2013


Shopped at the city on Boxing day, at DFO the following day and local on the 28th and 29th. Obviously I didn't buy as much as other people, but given my pickiness and unemployed status I really didn't mind that I didn't go all out. 

(from left to right)
1. Machine Gun Bullets shirt by Pulp Kitchen / 2. Cardigan from Esprit / 3. Ziggy Jeans / 4. Blouse from Jag / 5. Sandals from Novo / 6. Scarf by Basque 

And then my iPad Mini suddenly appeared under the empty Christmas tree after the new year! Throughout 2013, I will undoubtedly need to be more organised and motivated so these two black additions to my life will be used and abused (diary only - I like to take extra care of my technology), especially since I will be a uni student very soon (however I do not know which one as of yet). 

January 1, 2013


Self explanatory image, yes? I hope that 2013 will be a good year for everyone. Take care of yourselves and be thankful for the future ahead of us (and that we didn't all die). Since Christmas, I've been going shopping and spending money that I don't have - i.e. I am now in debt - and received my gift from my parents yay! So a post about all that will be coming soon, once my eyes recover from numerous late nights. 

December 24, 2012


Merry Christmas eve! Sending my season's greetings to everyone, to kids from ages 1-92 (note: Christmas carol reference which I think is quite rude). I hope you get what you want and enjoy "the most wonderful time of the year" (note: Ellen show reference). However, I know myself that my present from my parents will not come until the beginning of next year - damn you Apple for having no iPad Mini's in stock - but at least I know it's coming, since I already bought a case and what not, and that's all I care about. Although I've been contemplating if I should literally wrap up my ATAR for me to open and be thankful for all over again, once again (but I won't). Anyways, I must say that Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid would have to be my favourite Christmas song, which I've only recently realised. 

Update: I've been quite uninspired lately, so I'm hoping that by after Christmas or when the New Year comes, I'll be less tired and more inspired to make things and go places.